Empowering Life Science Research with smart image analysis

We are providing solutions for image data management and automated image analysis in pharmaceutical and medical sciences.

The handling and investigation of large-scale image data is tedious, time-consuming, expensive and subjective when done by human experts. Apply the smart practice of automated image analysis with our intuitive IKOSA Platform to increase analysis throughput, speed up your discoveries and get the most out of your experiments and diagnostic tools.

Viewing a multichannel image in the IKOSA Platform.

​​Viewing a multichannel image in the IKOSA Platform.


​Find out how automated microbiology image analysis software revolutionizes fungal genome research!

Some Trichoderma species use air as the main medium for the dispersal of their spores and produce fluffy colonies


How do researchers at Medical University of Graz handle the complexity of angiogenesis, CAM assays and image data challenges?

Angiogenesis Interview by KML Vision

benefits of our platform


Increase throughput in image-based workflows and share new insights instantly.


Add leading-edge AI applications to your research tool-set.


Benefit from our extensive experience in bio-image analysis for custom solutions.

Improve your return on investment

Rely on a sustainable application programming interface (API) for easy extension and integration.

Advance your image data management and analysis

IKOSA is a web-based software platform for image data management and automated image analysis. Work together with your team and the support of Artificial Intelligence-powered applications to get the most out of your images and optimize your research workflow.

Our solutions are available in the cloud and on-premise.

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Manual Whole Slide Scanning with an easy connection to IKOSA PORTAL.


 Intuitive multi-user image data management.


Portfolio of ready-to-use automated image analysis applications based on AI.


Development and integration of individual image analysis applications.

Meet some of our customers

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Reference Christoph Koeth Director Innovation of Fresenius Kabi

Innovation Director

​“As a pharmaceutical company, it is important for us to work together with innovative companies such as KML Vision which share our vision of the production of the future. With their smart solutions and their AI-based technology, we are able to support our team on the shop floor and can even lift our already highly quality driven processes to the next level.”

Reference Prof. Dr. Irina S. Druzhinina

“The AI algorithm developed by KML Vision allowed us to uncover an evolutionary process in fungi. We will certainly continue working with this company!”

Reference Ao.Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Johannes Schmid
Johannes Schmid

Ao.Univ.Prof. DI Dr.

"The team of KML Vision was extremely supportive in setting up the IKOSA platform for our needs, which enabled us to perform demanding image storage and analysis tasks on a modern team-shared cloud space. The features of IKOSA are perfectly suited to create synergies between team members and collaborators and will therefore foster our research both for preclinical disease models, as well as for patient samples."


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Digital Microscopy by PreciPoint
MIS is Med-Tech startup company providing Microscopy & Imaging instrumentation with cutting edge microscopy technologies and Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) for digital pathology workflow.
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