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The microscopy image analysis software you use in your lab can truly make or break the results of your project. Equipped with the right tools you can take your research from good to great.

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In order to be successful as a research team, you need to constantly adapt to the ever-evolving demands in your scientific discipline. Long-term achievement in today’s biomedical industry often comes down to staying up-to-date with the latest image analysis methods and digital applications in your field.  


Our team is there for you to provide you with leading-edge solutions for the analysis of microscopy images coupled with ongoing user support and education on current life science topics and methodologies. 

Expertise based

Our team is there for you to provide you with leading-edge solutions for the analysis of microscopy images coupled with ongoing user support and education on current life science topics and methodologies. 


Our software products are inspired by real-life research questions and take shape in ongoing expert dialog. We know the pain points life science researchers face and provide them with specialized solutions to concrete scientific problems.  

Create tailored image analysis applications without AI experience

IKOSA AI is our flagship software product. The versatile features it brings along enable you to master each single step of the app development process. 


Holistic all-in-one solution

From data management to application development and image analysis, we’ve got you and your team covered.


No coding skills required

Leverage AI automation to develop fully-functional bioimage analysis apps without any programming.


Training report with results visualization

Achieve the best performance for your application with visualization and performance metrics in your training report.


Simple and intuitive user interface

The app development process is designed for the convenience of our users. The IKOSA AI workflow is intuitive and you get helpful prompts at each step.

With the flexibility provided by the IKOSA Platform, we successfully built AI-based image recognition applications in a few days, creating additional value for our quality assurance processes.

Reference Christoph Koeth Director Innovation of Fresenius Kabi

Christoph Koeth

Innovation Director, Fresenius Kabi, Austria

A versatile portfolio of ready-to-use image analysis applications across multiple life science disciplines

Powered by the latest deep learning technology, our IKOSA Prisma microscopy image analysis applications allow you to gather astounding details from your sample.

Sparkfinder - IKOSA Prisma application for measuring the channel intensities in images from fluorescence microscopy


Wound Healing (Scratch) Assay IKOSA Prisma image analysis software for microscopy

​Wound Healing (Scratch) Assay

Network Formation assay IKOSA Prisma microscopy image analysis software

Network Formation Assay

Cytosolic and nuclear translocation IKOSA Prisma microscopy analysis software

Cytosolic and Nuclear Translocation

TOP IKOSA features at a glance

With all special IKOSA features at hand you have the tools to extract insightful multidimensional information from your image data. Our platform enables you to analyze images from various microscope sources and imaging modalities. Gain full control of your analysis workflow with our top features:

Smart user collaboration

Work simultaneously, collaborate in the process, share an application, view each other’s output data. All this is possible within an IKOSA organization.

Maximum accuracy in results thanks to AI automation

Automated image analysis provides the best result quality and reproducibility.  

Ongoing customer support and education

Support is always there in the form of educational materials and expert advice. Take a look at our tutorials to master image analysis with IKOSA.

Broad range of imaging formats supported

Our platform supports a variety of digital image formats from different microscope devices, including 2D-, time-series-. multichannel- and Z-stack images.

Region-of-interest support

Our versatile Region-of-interest (ROI) feature allows you to set a particular section of your input image into focus.

Seamless system integration via API

IKOSA offers high compatibility with popular microscopy imaging systems and lab software packages thanks to our stable APIs.

Learn the nuts and bolts of microscopy image analysis with us

The IKOSA Knowledge Base is our collection of customer education materials that will help you master any bioimage analysis task. Get access to helpful learning materials and tutorials on the workings of our software applications. Stay current with popular computer vision methodologies used in the study of images.

Stay up-to-date with our new content

We provide you with current content from the world of bioimage analysis. Find out what’s new in your field. 

IKOSA Prisma in action: Assessing angiogenesis hallmarks within the CAM assay model  

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Simplifying N:C Ratio Analysis in Cytology: An Easy Approach Using Image Analysis Software

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Solving the reproducibility problem in biomedical research

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Antagonistic Functions of Androgen Receptor and NF-κB in Prostate Cancer—Experimental and Computational Analyses

Prostate cancer is very frequent and is, in many countries, the third-leading cause of cancer-related death in men. While early diagnosis and treatment by surgical removal are often curative, metastasizing prostate cancer has a very bad prognosis. Based on the...

The Chick Embryo Xenograft Model for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma: A Cost and Time Efficient 3Rs Model for Drug Target Evaluation

Malignant pleural mesothelioma is a cancer of the lung lining, normally caused by asbestos, that develops decades after exposure. Chemotherapy, and recently more targeted drugs, show some benefit although only a minority of patients respond and invariably the cancer...

Explainable AI für die KI-Validierung in der aseptischen Arzneimittelproduktion

Während künstliche Intelligenz in verschiedensten Unternehmen bereits erfolgreich eingesetzt wird, findet sie in hochregulierten Bereichen wie der pharmazeutischen Industrie bisher kaum Anwendung. Der Hauptgrund dafür ist die nach wie vor unklare Vorgehensweise bei...

The latest insights into axon regeneration research

In this article, we throw light on the underlying mechanisms of axon regeneration. Axons play a central role in the recovery of neuronal functions after injury or trauma.  Find out how researchers assess axonal growth with the help of specialised axon...

Our trusted partners

Over the years we have helped a number of renowned institutions from the biomedical field bring their research ideas into fruition. Here are some of our valued clients and collaboration partners.

IKOSA users share their stories

Here’s what acknowledged researchers and industry experts have to say about their experience using the IKOSA products.

Olivier Frey

Vice President at InSphero

“Our 3D microtissues contain massive information on human physiology and disease states and how treatments impact them. With the IKOSA Platform of KML Vision we have a tool at hand allowing us to extract this information in a very convenient and reliable way. The KML Vision team has been highly supportive in implementing their platform on our 3D organ models and ultimately increasing their value for our customers.”

Prof. Dr. Silke Härteis

University of Regensburg, Germany

IKOSA provides a user-friendly premium software solution that meets high-quality standards at the same time. Thanks to it we have been able to bring our studies on the CAM Model a huge step ahead and we are eagerly looking forward to future joint projects.”

Anurag Jamaiyar, PhD

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

At the moment, we have 12 IKOSA users in our lab, taking advantage of the platform for quantitative analyses of images from in vitro assays. We now get reproducible results and have ruled out the bias related to manual analysis. IKOSA is accessible online and we can use it wherever we are. We produce a variety of samples daily and process them in batches. We really appreciate the high throughput capabilities of IKOSA and the amount of time it saves us. Tedious analysis tasks are now more fun, and this keeps everybody motivated.”

Dr Irina Druzhinina

KEW Royal Botanic Gardens

It is a pleasure to establish a long-term cooperation with KML Vision not only because of high efficiency and competence but due to the company’s open-minded policy and connectedness to the clients. My laboratory and our partners from the Sun Yat-sen University in China will keep working with KML Vision on developing the algorithms that allow us to uncover the physiology of fungi for their applications in biotechnology and agriculture.”

Prof. DI Dr. Johannes Schmid

Medical University of Vienna, Austria

The team of KML Vision was extremely supportive in setting up the IKOSA platform for our needs, which enabled us to perform demanding image storage and analysis tasks on a modern team-shared cloud space. The features of IKOSA are perfectly suited to create synergies between team members and collaborators and will therefore foster our research both for preclinical disease models, as well as for patient samples.”

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