​About ​KML Vision

Enhancing image analysis with automated solutions.

“During several software projects in academia and industry, we noticed a growing demand for intelligent solutions that would allow life sciences and healthcare researchers to analyze digital images of their samples with less manual work” says Dr. Philipp Kainz, CEO.

“We got interested in finding a solution for this issue and together with physicist DDr. Michael Mayrhofer-Reinhartshuber KML VISION was founded in 2016.”

Founders of KML Vision

“A year later, we started working on the IKOSA Platform that helps to optimize the everyday workflow of our customers in the Pharmaceutical Industry, CROs and Core Facilities. It focuses on management of large-scale image data and automated image analysis based on Artificial Intelligence.

By now, we have introduced cutting-edge applications to the market that support reproducible extraction of accurate and validated information from images. We understand the great diversity of requirements for solutions on the market, so we provide tailor-made solutions for the needs of our clients.”

Receiving the Born Global Champions Award 2021 marks another achievement for our company and an additional quality guarantee for our innovative software products.

Get to know our team

We strive to provide the best user experience in high-quality image data management and automated analysis through leading-edge technologies.

KML Vision Team Philipp Kainz Founder and CEO

Philipp Kainz

Founder, CEO

Philipp is a co-founder of KML Vision. Formerly overseeing product development as CTO, he now holds the position of the CEO since 2020. He studied Health Care Engineering & eHealth at Graz University of Applied Sciences. In 2016, he received his PhD from the Medical University of Graz and did his PostDoc on Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical-Forensic Imaging. His main motivations are accelerating the transfer from technological breakthroughs to business cases and creating value by providing state-of-the-art technology based on Artificial Intelligence.


KML Vision Team Michael Mayrhofer Founder and Project Manager

Michael Mayrhofer

Founder, Director of Operations

Michael is one of the co-founders of KML Vision. He is an educated Technical and Experimental Physicist (Graz University of Technology) and completed a doctoral program in Medical Sciences at the Medical University of Graz. This was the foundation of his ability to understand and solve complex problems of various kinds and develop strong organizational and management skills. He gained experience in communicating with and bringing together people from different (professional) environments during his research stays in Australia and Spain, while working in a social startup, and bringing own business ideas into life. At KML Vision, he held the position of the CEO from 2018 to 2020 and is currently Director of Operations responsible for project management.


KML Vision Team Jakob Hatzl Director Software Engineering

Jakob Hatzl

Director Software Engineering

Jakob is an experienced software architect and development team lead with 10+ years of hands-on experience in software development for distributed enterprise applications and 5+ years of experience in leading development teams to facilitate an agile and efficient software development process. He holds an MSc in eHealth from Graz University of Applied Sciences and has attended additional training in Software Engineering Leadership, Requirements Engineering, Software Architecture and Agile methodologies.

Besides work he is passionate about listening to, playing and conducting symphonic music.


KML Vision Team Thomas Ebner Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer

Thomas Ebner

Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer

Thomas is one of the Computer Vision and Machine Learning experts at KML Vision.

After receiving his MSc in Telematics from Graz University of Technology, he gained several years of experience at the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision and the LBI for Clinical Forensic Imaging in Graz. He contributed to the research community by developing new machine learning and 3D reconstruction algorithms for legal medicine.

Before starting at KML Vision he was one of the founders of RecogVision OG, where he applied machine learning to computer vision systems in industrial applications.


KML Vision Team Michael Weissensteiner Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer

Michael Weissensteiner

Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer

Michael is a passionate developer of image recognition algorithms and has been part of the Computer Vision team since 2020. With years of experience in machine learning, he has developed solutions for both industrial and pharmaceutical applications and is co-inventor of a patent in this field. Michael co-founded RecogVision OG in 2015, which provided services in the field of Computer Vision. He graduated with a MSc degree in Telematics at the Graz University of Technology in 2016.


KML Vision Team Patrick Kraus-Füreder Machine Learning and Computer Vision Specialist

​Patrick Kraus-Füreder

Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer

​Patrick joined the Computer Vision Team late in 2021.

After completing the PhD Program for Physics and Chemistry of advanced materials at Graz technical University and the Donostia International Physics center (DIPC) in San Sebastian, he gained several years of experience in data analysis and quality control in medical technology.

To complement his technical skills he has attended additional training in communication, team building and management including a certification as Scrum Master.


KML Vision Team Johanna Egger Software Developer

Johanna Egger

Software Developer

Johanna is a software developer at KML Vision. She received her MSc in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from University of Graz and after discovering her passion for coding in 2016, became a certified software developer. She has previously worked at an eHealth startup and is now developing exciting new backend features and improving the current functionality of our products.


KML Vision Team Polina Vinogradova UX/UI Designer

Polina Vinogradova

Content Strategist and Lead UX/UI 

Polina is a Content Strategist and Lead UX/UI Designer at KML Vision. After completing her BA in Design with a focus on branding in Finland, she has had 5 years of numerous design projects in web and digital development. In 2021 she finished the MA in Content Strategy program at Graz University of Applied Sciences, Austria. Her current research focuses on the analysis of people's perception of AI in life science and building the necessary communication strategies to familiarize the audience about the capabilities of AI in an automated image data analysis.


KML Vision Team Matic Modic UX/UI Designer

Matic Modic

UX/UI Designer

Matic is a UX/UI Designer with substantial experience. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications from the Faculty of Design ​in Ljubljana and is now working on his Associate’s Degree in IT Studies. He joined the KML Vision team in 2021. Before that he worked at numerous companies in Slovenia, lastly at a Marketing Automation Agency where he was employed as a project manager for design and web projects.


KML Vision Team Christian Jäkl Front-end developer

Christian Jäkl

Front-end Developer 

Christian is a Frontend Engineer at KML Vision since 2022. He has substantial knowledge and experience regarding UX and UI Design and profound knowledge in React and Angular. Because of his experience, he embraces the use of CSS instead of JavaScript for designing and improves user experience and performance while working on new features.
Besides working at KML Vision, he is also a freelancer and works on several projects.


KML Vision Team Siegfried Schwarz Sales Manager

Siegfried Schwarz

Sales Manager 

Siegfried joined the team of KML Vision at the end of 2020. He is a biomedical engineer by training and specialized in tissue engineering during his master's degree at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. Following his studies he gained R&D industry experience in both pharmaceutical and medical devices before moving on to a more customer facing position. In his current role Siegfried leverages his life science background to help customers find the best possible AI solutions for their image analysis tasks.


KML Vision Team Fanny Dobrenova Marketing Specialist

Fanny Dobrenova

Marketing Specialist

Fanny is an experienced online-marketing specialist with a focus on search engine optimization, search engine advertising and web-analytics. Prior to discovering her passion for digital marketing she worked on several health marketing research projects on topics like health claims in advertising, promoting functional foods and advertising appeals in breast cancer prevention campaigns. Fanny holds a PhD in Marketing and Health Communications from the University of Klagenfurt in Austria. During her Master’s studies in Münster, Germany she worked as a project assistant in pharma monitoring.


KML Vision Team Elisa Opriessnig Content writer

Elisa Opriessnig

Content Writer

Elisa is a content writer at KML Vision. She completed a BA in Media & Communication and a BA and MA in English and American studies in Austria, with funded study/research visits in the US and the UK. She also has a background in teaching, research, and higher education administration. Prior to studying Medicine and working as a scientific assistant in interdisciplinary clinical teaching, she lectured as an adjunct professor and worked as an academic writing coach at two Austrian universities. As an ambitious 5th year medical student, part of her interests focus on the technological advancements in healthcare and the establishment of telemedicine and digital health literacy.


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University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
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