Hyaluronic Acid with Bone Substitutes Enhance Angiogenesis In Vivo

27 May, 2022 | CAM, Publications

The study evaluated the pro-angiogenic properties of a commercially available bovine bone-substitute material with hyaluronic acid (BSM+) in comparison to the same bone-substitute material without hyaluronic acid (BSM) in an in-vivo model.

BSM+ and BSM were incubated for six days on the chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) of fertilized chicken eggs. Microscopic and immunohistochemical analyses were performed to assess blood vessel formation.

Results showed that BSM+ had a significantly higher number of vessels, branching points, total vessel area, and vessel length compared to BSM. Immunohistochemically, BSM+ also showed a significantly increased total vessel area and brightness integration.

The combination of a xenogenic bone-substitute material with hyaluronic acid significantly induced angiogenesis in vivo. This might lead to a faster integration and an improved healing in clinical situations.

In simpler terms, the addition of hyaluronic acid to a bone-substitute material can help to improve blood vessel formation, which can lead to faster and better healing.

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