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The IKOSA platform provides on-demand access to a great portfolio of automated image analysis applications. Let our reliable Artificial Intelligence assist you today!

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Core element to IKOSA is KML VISION's leading-edge Artificial Intelligence that supports you with your repetitive and tedious tasks.

You can focus on the core processes that really matter to your business.


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Collaborative Image Data Management

Store, manage, annotate and share your image data with your colleagues from all over the world to receive a second opinion. Create meaningful reports to spot hidden patterns in your data.

Ready-to-Use & Custom Applications

Forget about confusing user inputs, all applications are designed to be used most intuitively. Choose from a great portfolio of ready-to-use applications or request a customized solution for your specific problem.

Reliable & Fast

All our applications were validated in collaboration with scientific experts on representative benchmark datasets.

Run on any Image Size

Count, localize, segment, measure, detect – you decide to run on full images, or just on selected parts. IKOSA delivers the results in a fraction of the time required for manual analysis.

Whole Slide Scans, Video

We know how important this is to Life Science, so IKOSA supports whole slide imaging.Our applications work with static images, time lapse recordings and videos.

Flexible API Integration

Extend your existing software or hardware products by creating great new experiences for your customers, enabled by our high-availability applications.

On-demand SaaS

Benefit from IKOSA as secure cloud-hosted SaaS and avoid expensive hardware cost in your organization.

On-premise Licensing

Do you have your own data center? Or high data volume? Relax, we’ve got you covered with on-premise deployment.

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