​Train your own deep learning algorithms

Use already developed algorithms or train your own deep learning algorithms without data science and programming skills.

​Why automate image data analysis? ​

We provide a portfolio of ready-to-use algorithms for automated image data analysis and the opportunity to train your own deep learning algorithms with the support of the new IKOSA AI service.

​Expand portfolio

Gain knowledge

​Increase objectivity

​Save resources

Annotate images, assign labels and start training your new algorithm

​Annotate images, assign labels to annotations and start training your new algorithm.

Why train your own algorithms with IKOSA?

We are constantly improving our software, making it more flexible and robust to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Deep learning vs Machine learning

On-premise solution

No data science and programming skills

Integration and compatibility

Free subscription and guided trial


IKOSA AI workflow

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    ​Complete 6 main steps of the training process
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    ​Wait until IKOSA AI​ trains your algorithm
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    ​Check the ​outcomes in the report of your training
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    ​If you are satisfied with the results, then simply start using your algorithm!
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    ​​If not, then analyze the training results by means of provided visualisations and adjust your training accordingly.
IKOSA AI Algorithm Training workflow

Algorithm training workflow with IKOSA AI

For more information on algorithm training, interpretability of results and validation, please refer to our FAQ.

​If you are interested in specific examples of deep learning algorithm training, visit our case study page.

IKOSA AI Training stepper on the platform
IKOSA AI Training stepper on the platform


​All important whys and hows of algorithm training


​Can we use algorithms already available on the IKOSA Platform?

​Can we retrain the existing algorithms?

​What data has been used for training the existing algorithms?

​Algorithm update regulations

​Can we export ready-made algorithms on the platform to other locations?

​Can we import our own algorithms?

​If the algorithm has still been trained by a person, does that mean we are still dealing with human subjectivity?

​Who has the access to our trained algorithms, if we use the online version of the software?


​What is the approximate time needed to train an algorithm?

​How much data do we need?

​What if we don’t have enough data?

​How can we understand which parameters matter in the training?

​How can we understand what needs to be retrained?

​How can we validate the outcomes?

​How can we interpret the results?

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