Apply Deep Learning in Microscopy Image Analysis with IKOSA AI

​IKOSA AI is KML Vision’s novel software solution employing state-of-the-art deep learning techniques in microscopy image analysis. 

​Never before has microscopy image analysis been so fast and targeted to your needs! Create robust and reproducible AI-driven models best suited to the needs of your research institution without any prior coding knowledge. Minimize user bias in image recognition with the help of custom-trained algorithms.

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Algorithm development for quantitative digital microscopy made easy

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    Complete 6 main ​phases of the training process
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    ​Wait until IKOSA AI​ trains your algorithm
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    ​Check the ​outcomes in the report of your training
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    ​If you are satisfied with the results, then simply start using your algorithm!
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    ​​If not, then analyze the training results by means of provided visualisations and adjust your training accordingly.
IKOSA AI Algorithm Training workflow

Algorithm training made easy with IKOSA AI. Develop powerful algorithms for the study of microscopy images in a few simple ​steps.

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Benefit from IKOSA AI: Deep learning in microscopy image analysis makes a difference

​Push bioimage analysis further using trained AI models. Add value to  existing workflows in your lab and accelerate performance using one intuitive tool. Here is how introducing trained algorithms to your image analysis process can benefit your research endeavors.

​Research portfolio boost-up with trained algorithms

​Outstanding image recognition capabilities

​No coding skills required

​Increased efficiency

Master complex algorithm training tasks within IKOSA with the help of the IKOSA Knowledge Base instructional guidelines

IKOSA Knowledge Base

​Improve performance and add value to existing workflows

We are constantly improving our software, making it more flexible and robust to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

​Ongoing learning support

​Smooth integration into existing frameworks

​Free trial and flexible conditions

​API and plug-in options

Leverage the power of deep learning in microscopy

Accelerate research outcomes with IKOSA AI. Simply ​contact us to request a demo or a one month free guided trial version!

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Still wondering whether IKOSA AI is the best deep learning solution for your research project? Or you still need some answers regarding the built-in capabilities of IKOSA AI and how they can help you enhance research performance? Our team of AI and computational microscopy experts answers your burning questions.

​​All important whys and hows ​about algorithms

​How does deep learning for the study of microscopy image data work?

​Which analytical tasks can be automated with the help of deep learning?

​If the algorithm training is human assisted does this mean that human subjective bias cannot be completely ruled out?

​Can we use ready-made Prisma algorithms available on the IKOSA Platform?

​What data has been used for training the existing Prisma algorithms?

​Can we retrain existing algorithms with IKOSA AI to better fit our research design?

​Can we export ready-made algorithms from the IKOSA Platform to other locations?

​Can we import our own algorithms?

​Who has access permission to the trained algorithm on the IKOSA platform?

​What are the regulations for updating algorithms?

​​All important whys and hows ​about ​training

​How much time does it take to train an image analysis algorithm with IKOSA AI?

​What data do we have to use to train the algorithms?

​How many images are needed to train the algorithm?

​What if our training dataset does not include enough images?

​How do we decide what images to include in the algorithm training?

​How can we figure out what needs to be retrained?

How does outcome validation work with IKOSA AI?

​How can we interpret the output results?

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​​Contact us to get a one month free guided trial version, ​ask questions or request additional information on the uses of IKOSA AI. We guarantee you active support and quality advice as you test and implement the IKOSA AI deep learning solution.​