​Discover ​IKOSA ​ISTIX:
​high-performance whole slide imaging software

IKOSA ISTIX is KML Vision’s advanced whole-slide imaging software solution which allows you to convert your optical microscope into a whole slide scanner.

This innovative digital microscopy application enables you to seamlessly navigate and view digital microscopy slides. Work locally with your digitized whole-slide image samples or upload them to the IKOSA PORTAL for smart image data management and data storage.

Assure yourselves of IKOSA ISTIX’s supreme performance as a whole slide image viewer. Retrofit your already existing analog microscope with IKOSA ISTIX:

  1. Scan your microscope samples in order to create high-resolution digital images of your microscopy slides in an easy and inexpensive way. 

  2. Effortlessly upload them to the IKOSA Platform for smart collaboration with your team members and clients. 

  3. Perform rapid and accurate analyses on your whole-slide samples with the help of state-of-the-art AI-powered algorithms.

The scanning and digitization of microscopy samples with IKOSA ISTIX.

IKOSA ISTIX is a versatile whole slide viewing program that can be used in a wide range of research fields. This advanced whole slide imaging program finds use within multiple disciplines like:
  • digital histology 
  • digital pathology 
  • plant and crop science
  • microbiology and mycology.  

​Reasons to use IKOSA ISTIX

Try out IKOSA ISTIX’s advanced whole-slide viewing features and accelerate your research. IKOSA ISTIX is a standalone software based on Fraunhofer IIS’ technology iSTIX® that converts camera-equipped* microscopes into manual whole-slide scanners. Thanks to the smooth scanning process at work, IKOSA ISTIX stitches individual fields of a view in order to create a single high quality digital image. The acquired whole-slide images have a resolution far more superior to using low magnification objectives. 

The user-friendly connection to your IKOSA account enables you to share your virtual slides, annotate and label objects of interests, and utilize multiple microscopy image analysis applications based on artificial intelligence to your digital images.

Make the visual inspection tasks faster, easier and more accurate also for the ones who cannot afford very expensive equipment.

* If you require a camera equipment for your microscope, get in touch at ikosa@kmlvision.com we are happy to provide you with a recommended model. 

Benefit from IKOSA ISTIX’s advanced features

Take advantage of IKOSA ISTIX’s wide-ranging capabilities and take your research to the next level!

Thanks to its excellent compatibility with different optical microscope devices, this unique whole-slide imaging solution offers superb performance when acquiring brightfield and darkfield microscopy images. 

The integrated slide stitching, zooming and recording options enable you to create multi-resolution whole-slide images in an instant. IKOSA ISTIX supports multiple image file formats including “flat” formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP and TIFF as well as more advanced “pyramid” formats like AperioSVS, ZIF, VMscope whole slide (*.VSF) and DeepZoom (*.DZI).

On top of that IKOSA ISTIX provides multiple advanced features like live view and batch export.

​Upgrade your microscope into a whole-slide scanner

​Seamless integration with optical microscope devices

​Easy, inexpensive digitization of microscopy samples​

​Multi-resolution whole-slide image data

​Advanced viewing options: live view and zooming

​Support for multiple image file formats

Easy connection to the IKOSA Portal

​Digital microscopy slide sharing with your team

SYSTEM requirements

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You can try out IKOSA ISTIX® for free by downloading the demo version

IKOSA ISTIX® is not certified as medical device.

Contact us to learn more about IKOSA ISTIX or book a demo

Simply contact us via email ikosa@kmlvision.com or phone +43 680 156 7596 to discuss your needs. After a first introduction, we can schedule a remote or an on-site meeting to show you how to easily digitize your samples and upload the whole slide images to the IKOSA Platform.