IKOSA ​Portal

A multi-user platform for smart image data management.

IKOSA ​Portal provides an intuitive web-based system for working with large-scale image data. It offers project-based management and size-independent viewing of your images in a single, yet open solution. Handy annotation, labelling and review tools make it easy to create highly curated datasets with the semantics you need. Optimize your teamwork by remote collaboration regardless of your location.

Grundium Ocus now features a specialized plug-in for exporting digital slides into IKOSA


As a user of the Grundium Ocus microscope scanner, you can easily export pathology slides into the IKOSA data storage space with the help of the new built-in plug-in. With this useful connectivity option you can accelerate the process of digital slide management and add more flexibility to your daily workflow.

Benefits of IKOSA ​Portal

​Project-based data management

​Remote work and cooperation

​Whole slide and multichannel

​Annotations, labels and review

​Integration and connection

​Data safety and security, privacy

Image data annotation

Annotating bioimages can be a time-consuming and exhausting process. But you can avoid that! With our freehand annotation tool, you can accelerate your annotation processes and use your freed time to focus on your priority goals. 

See for yourself how quickly and conveniently researchers from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Experimental and Clinical Traumatology annotate axons in histological sections of peripheral nerves.

Precision microscopy image analysis software across different microscope imaging modalities

The IKOSA Prisma apps allow you to individually adjust channel intensity for each image. Our guided video tutorial demonstrates how to manage multichannel digital images.

Multichannel image management with IKOSA Prisma

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