We train our AI exactly to the problems that you aspire to solve. Tell us about your demands, and we will adjust our algorithms to provide the desired findings.

Our task is to facilitate your image analysis workflow. We are always ready to improve existing applications or create new ones according to your requirements. Our team of computer vision and machine learning experts will train specific artificial intelligence models to provide you with the best possible solution.

CAM Assay: raw image data, predicted vessels and a visualised version for human interpretation.

CAM Assay analysis application developed for Dr. Nassim Ghaffari Tabrizi-Wizsy to be used in angiogenesis research at the Medical University of Graz. From an input image (left), our deep learning model predicts blood vessels (center) and extracts structure parameters (right). Image rights.

Benefits of IKOSA prime

As the IKOSA Platform is cloud-based software, you do not need to worry about access to custom modules. They will always be available from your account.

Tailor-made IKOSA modules

Exclusive image analysis applications

Feasibility studies and proof-of-conceptS

Consulting by our computer vision experts

One of our recent customized solutions measures morphology at multiple scales in mouse prostate tissue. The algorithm automatically finds and highlights the individual ducts and creates a statistical report on the tissue configuration.

These screenshots show analysis results of the mouse prostate tissue configuration.

These screenshots show analysis results of the mouse prostate tissue configuration.

other ikosa solutions


Manual Whole Slide Scanning with an easy connection to IKOSA PORTAL.


Intuitive multi-user image data management.


Portfolio of ready-to-use automated image analysis applications.

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Simply contact us via email ikosa@kmlvision.com or phone +43 680 156 7596 to tell us about your tasks and discuss your needs. After a first introduction, we can schedule a remote or an on-site meeting to talk about possible solutions.