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IKOSA Prisma is our broad portfolio of specialized applications for microscopy image analysis. We have developed each of them in close collaboration with established research institutions around the globe.

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Our Prisma applications are powered by high-end AI technology and designed to provide immediate answers to complex life science research questions.

Explore our collection of proven and tested image analysis software products to find the right one for your research project. Our IKOSA Prisma apps yield elaborate quantitative results based on the automated analysis of images from a wide range of biomedical assays.

 CAM assay IKOSA Prisma microscopy image analysis software

CAM Assay

Examine vascular structures in chick chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) images.

Sparkfinder - IKOSA Prisma application for measuring the channel intensities in images from fluorescence microscopy


Examine channel intensities of multichannel fluorescence images while segmenting cell nuclei and virtual cytoplasm.

Axon Quantification IKOSA PRISMA microscopy analysis software

Axon Quantification

Gather quantitative information about the count and morphological characteristics of axons in histological peripheral nerve sections. 

Wound Healing (Scratch) Assay IKOSA Prisma image analysis software for microscopy

Wound Healing (Scratch) Assay

Measure scratch closure dynamics observed on cell monolayers during in-vitro wound healing studies. 

Cytosolic and nuclear translocation IKOSA Prisma microscopy analysis software

Cytosolic and Nuclear Translocation

Estimate intensities and intensity ratios of protein expression in cell nuclei and cytosol detected in fluorescence microscopy images. 

CAM Grid Assay IKOSA Prisma microscopy image analysis software

CAM Grid Assay 

Segment newly-formed blood vessels using images of chick chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) sections placed on a polymer grid.  

Spheroid Sprouting Assay IKOSA Prisma image analysis software for microscopy

Spheroid Sprouting Assay

Analyze capillary spheroid sprouts placed on a 3D matrix in the course of in-vitro spheroid sprouting assays.  

Network Formation assay IKOSA Prisma microscopy image analysis software

Network Formation Assay

Assess the morphological features of endothelial cell networks in the context of in-vitro angiogenesis assays.    

Fibrin Tube Formation Assay IKOSA Prisma microscopy image analysis software

Fibrin Tube Formation Assay 

Study endothelial cell tube formation during in-vitro angiogenesis assays on a 3D fibrin matrix. 

TEM Myocardium assay IKOSA Prisma microscopy analysis software

TEM Myocardium Assay

Segment mitochondria, lipid droplets, sarcomere and z-stripes in myocardial tissue images taken with transmission electron microscopy imaging modalities.    

KI-67 Quantification IKOSA Prisma microscopy image analysis software

KI-67 ​Quantification

Assess the occurrence and ratio of KI-67-positive cell nuclei in IHC-stained sections of cancerous human breast tissue. 

Fungi REPAINT assay IKOSA Prisma microscopy image analysis software

Fungi REPAINT Assay

Quantify fungal phenotypes imaged on 96-well Biolog microplates.  

Confluence Assay IKOSA Prisma microscopy image analysis software

Confluence Assay

Detect and measure the percentage of the analysed image covered by adherent cells.

Cell Painting Assay IKOSA Prisma microscopy image analysis software

Cell Painting Assay

Evaluation of 5-8 channel fluorescent images which multiplex five cellular components. Cells, nuclei and cytoplasms are segmented and quantified. 

CD31 Assay IKOSA Prisma microscopy image analysis software

CD31 Assay

Calculate individual morphology, count, and density of the CD31 stained blood vessels in IHC brightfield images.

Shape your analysis process with a set of powerful features

Multichannel image analysis feature

Analyze multichannel sample data and access detailed quantitative information about individual fluorescent channels.

Region of interest (ROI) feature

Narrow down your sample image data to singular areas to make your analysis more focused.

Region of interest (ROI) feature

Narrow down your sample image data to singular areas to make your analysis more focused.

Time series image analysis feature

Submit complex time-series image data for analysis to get insights about temporal dynamics within your systems. 

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“IKOSA provides a user-friendly premium software solution that meets high-quality standards at the same time. Together with the KML Vision team we were able to improve the CAM Assay application which now represents a customized state-of-the-art solution for research on tumor induced angiogenesis with the 3D in vivo model. We are currently focusing on the development of a specific therapy model for the in vivo evaluation of new treatment strategies of various cancers in the broader context of translational oncology.”

Prof. Dr. Silke Härteis

Prof. Dr. Silke Härteis

Professor of Molecular and Cellular Anatomy, University of Regensburg

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