AI-based solutions for your image data analysis tasks 

The IKOSA Platform offers an advanced data management system, intuitive tools to work with your images, diverse analysis applications and tailored-made solutions based on AI. It helps your team to create curated data, optimize research workflow and achieve high-quality results.

IKOSA ensures easy collaboration and reproducible results

Easily manage large-scale image data and automate your analysis tasks by working together with your team within one system.

Empowering tool

​Convenient management

​High-quality results

​Trustworthy collaboration

​Smart practice

​How does the IKOSA platform work?

Information on the ​IKOSA API

​​Pricing and licensing FAQ

Actual pricing is based on the required number of users, number and type of applications, and storage.

​IKOSA ​pricing system

What is included in the free package?

How long is it for free?

What do I need to do if I want to upgrade?

What are the prices for IKOSA products? Do I need to buy them separately or all together?

​Types of licensing

What type of license do I need, what are the options?

​Cloud licensing

Why could I be interested in cloud licensing?

What do I need to have to be able to work in the cloud?

What are the cloud options?

​On-premise licensing

Why could I be interested in on-premise licensing?

What do I need to have to be able to run the software on-premise?

What if I am completely new in the field?

What if I already have some knowledge in the field and some of our staff is educated to support such a system?

​Other questions?

What if I already have some data and structures in place? Can I continue to use it?

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