Precision Histology Interview by KML Vision

Precision histology in prostate cancer research

Precision medicine necessitates precision diagnostics, which is still underdeveloped in many medical fields. Routine histology for example, the microscopic evaluation of tissue samples, usually involves the staining of a single molecular target, followed by manual examination and assessment by a pathologist.

We are proud to collaborate in FFG-BRIDGE Precision Histology Project with the team leader Ao.Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Johannes Schmid and PhD Bernhard Hochreiter of the Center for Physiology and Pharmacology, the Institute of Vascular Biology and Thrombosis Research in Vienna, Austria.

This project focuses on prostate cancer research, the most common cancer type, and the second leading cause for cancer-related death of men. Investigations are combined with automated identification of distinct tissue areas based on artificial intelligence and deep learning on the IKOSA Platform.

Find out more about this field, its challenges and how our interviewees approach them.

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