IKOSA Platform COVID19 Application

Support for AI COVID-19 Detection Initiative

In response to the current pandemic, we launched a new and free image analysis application capable of detecting COVID-19 cases from chest X-rays on IKOSA® today. The underlying artificial intelligence (AI) model was published by a Canadian research group a few days ago. By providing this algorithm as a free service in a fast and easily accessible way, we support the global AI research community in our common fight against the new coronavirus.

IKOSA® can be accessed via a standard web browser. Its self-explanatory user interface enables everyone to try out the COVID-19 and other image analysis applications in just a few clicks and without programming knowledge. Within seconds, the application classifies an input chest X-ray as a normal, pneumonia, or COVID-19 case. If you want to know how easy this is in practice, check out this 5-min YouTube video, and we also offer sample images for download.

It is important to emphasize that the published algorithm is only a first step towards a diagnostic support tool and also lab tests are still required for confirmation. In the current version it is available for research use only and must not be used for any diagnostic purposes. “However, the hope is that open access to such algorithms and data sets will be leveraged to accelerate developments towards a tool for clinical use,” states our co-founder and CEO Philipp Kainz, “Collaboration of the global AI research community is a key ingredient to validating concepts for next-generation digital health solutions.”

More information regarding the published application and the underlying AI model can be found here:

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