KML Vision News: Zukunftskonferenz, BIO-Europe Spring

Zukunftskonferenz, BIO-Europe Spring

Two future-oriented events took place in Graz last week: First, there was the roadshow “Artificial Intelligence – Chance or Threat?” organized by the Junge Wirtschaft. It took place at the Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark and we had the pleasure to talk about our company and how we use AI to increase the value for our customers. Interesting to note that all participants agreed that AI is a huge chance but society and politics have to be aware of possible misuse. Second, the Joanneum Research organized the Zukunftskonferenz with a special focus on Entrepreneurship. Besides the presentations of the different departments of Joanneum Research, there were great talks such as the keynote by Magdalena Hauser from the I.E.C.T. Hermann Hauser regarding the so-called Cambridge Phenomenon.
So the bar was set high, but the upcoming events promise to be equally stimulating and fruitful: We will be at the “BIO-Europe Spring” in Vienna from March 25th through 27th and at the #LetsCluster and DeepTech4Good Conference in Graz from March 25th through 27th. We will keep you up to date and it would be great to see you there!